Retirement Planning

Cash Flow Planning

Building a portfolio during your working years involves setting a portfolio target size, establishing a savings plan and maintaining an appropriate asset allocation along the way. Once you have reached retirement, however, the dynamic changes and the process can become a bit more challenging.

Your long-term goal now is to generate the substantial income designed to last as long as you do. At Hogan•Taylor, we can assist you with retirement cash flow analyses in order to estimate current and future expenditures. The analyses will inventory your fixed and variable income sources and, working with your tax advisor, we will suggest ways to minimize the impact of inflation and taxable consequences. We will walk you through key considerations for deciding which part of your portfolio you should draw from in retirement, and when.

Retiring and going from saving mode to spending mode is a major transition. Given the complex mix of spending needs, life expectancy, portfolio management, income taxes and estate planning, you may want some help putting it all together.

Risk Management

The gap between the value of retirement assets now and how much an individual will need for retirement represents one of the most critical challenges in retirement planning. While traditional measures, such as saving more and working longer, can help narrow this gap, they only go so far.

It is crucial to incorporate a disciplined approach that helps identify how much risk needs to be taken to meet investment goals. This suggests that identifying the right balance between risk tolerance and risk requirements is essential. The best way to do this is through a comprehensive financial plan.

At Hogan•Taylor, we use three-dimensional approach to retirement planning – increasing savings, resetting goals, and adjusting risk levels.

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